"People are giving me compliments now on how good I look!" Busy dad loses 15 lbs of fat, and builds muscle with Hypnosis

This Busy dad lost 7", 15 lbs of fat, and is building muscle with hypnosis

Would you believe there are only 2 months difference between this first photo and this last photo? Jon Penny is a busy dad who loves taking care of his kids, participating in their extra-curricular activities and getting things done around the house.

Seeing is Believing

When Jon was getting started in his journey, it was hard for him to visualize his goal. He knew he wanted to be healthier and feel more in control of his eating, but he was depending on sugary snacks and beverages to have enough energy to get through his day. During his free hypnotic screening, he decided that his health needed to be a priority for him and that he would follow the instructions in his weight loss program.

A couple of weeks into his program he noticed the difference:

"I feel that I don't over indulge in meals anymore and don't feel I have to finish my children's meals if there are leftovers. I don't search for snack food like I used to. Now I try to find healthier options to find sugar, (eg fruit, vegetables) but still don't over indulge in the healthier options"

People Notice that Hypnosis is Different

A couple of months into his program, Jon has been feeling better in many ways, noticing how his clothes fit better as well as improvements in his energy levels throughout the day. He now is able to see the future he is building, and people around him are noticing too!

"Before, whenever I lost weight, it didn't really look right. People would say I looked sick and that I even looked better with more weight on. Now it's really interesting, the weight's been coming off in a more even way. It's totally different. People are giving me compliments now on how good I look!"

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