Maureen lost 50 lbs with Hypnosis and Kept it off!

Maureen lost 50 lbs with hypnosis, 40 lbs in 7 short months and is now living a healthy lifestyle that she's excited about

Her Choice

Maureen used to feel really uncomfortable about her weight. She had tried countless diets with little success and was tired of feeling the aches, pains and exhaustions that come from being overweight. She was also worried about the health issues it could cause and would sometimes feel embarrassed in social situations. She felt like she had to fight with herself to get moving.

"Before, it was hard to resist eating snack food and lots of it! It was difficult to find enthusiasm to get up and go, trying to delay moving and getting lost in games and shows."

She was ready for a change. She saw the sign for Hypnosis Niagara on Lake street and called to book her free screening.

Finally, the Frustration Ended

During her free screening, she discussed her concerns and her goals and learned more about hypnosis. She also saw the results that others had gotten by using hypnosis to lose weight and started to understand how she too could have success like theirs. She was nervous about getting her hopes up, having had so many challenges and ups and downs with her weight in the past, but reading about the experiences of others and knowing that the program came with a service guarantee helped her feel supported in making the decision to take back her control in life.

Better life within 3 weeks

A few weeks into her program, she knew this was different from anything she's ever tried before. She had this to say:

"Previous to meeting Gilian, food was always an entertainment for me or a way to relieve boredom. And previously when I was on a diet, I would feel deprived if I didn’t have a “snack” in the evening. Now the same junk food that was in my house weeks ago is still there untouched. Now it feels just so easy to choose the right foods to eat and I am always ready to go for that extra walk with the dogs, or to go walk to meet up with a friend."

Feeling stronger in all ways

She learned to love exercise and started setting new fitness goals for herself. When Christmas came and went, she was shocked that she was able to stay on track with her goals, feel in control and still bake cookies and enjoy in the festivities like previous years.

"I lost weight over Christmas! I lost inches over Christmas! I have never felt physically this good!"

Little by little, Maureen followed each step of her program and fully embraced her new healthy lifestyle. When she had completed her program she had reached her initial goal. She was down 40 lbs and 35" and feeling so much better!

Over a year later, Maureen came back to share her continued success. Not only did she maintain her weight loss, she continued to lose weight and remarked on how easy it all feels to her now.

“It’s been 2 years since first meeting Gilian! The part that comes to the forefront of my mind about this journey is still the ease of it all. How easy it is to choose good healthy, nutrient dense foods. But also choosing to be okay with cake at a celebration or occasionally choosing french fries just for the taste of them and not binging! And also the ease of falling into a fitness routine with new goal markers, and being excited in feeling stronger!” - Maureen Newell, Administrator

Congratulations Maureen on reaching your goals and continuing to set new ones!

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Are you ready for a change? People everywhere have been talking more and more about the effectiveness of hypnosis to make powerful changes in their lives. Perhaps you saw a celebrity talking about using hypnosis to quit smoking or improve their sports performance, or maybe you know someone who used hypnosis to help with weight loss, sleep, or pain management (or all of the above!). Perhaps you've seen supportive information about hypnosis on TV or heard about it one the radio.

It's time to discover it for yourself and take back control in your life!

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